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When we’re clear, we can make decisions with ease. When we’re not, we end up spinning more than a record player.

There’s one thing that will kill our clarity faster than a needle to a balloon—certainty.

This is episode 53 of the Make it Mentionable Show and I’m rooting for your clarity.

If this episode has you nodding your head every second, Prisma, my new 45-day accelerator is here, and may be exactly what you’ve been hoping for!

Join me in Prisma to stop waffling, see your decision clearly, and finally move forward with clarity and commitment.

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This is Make It Mentionable.

I’m Alyssa Patmos and this is the show about being human in a world that encourages us to be robots.

I invite you to join me as we journey through the mess, the magic and the mania in between.

Because what we can talk about, we can manage.

This honest conversation extravaganza includes free flowing conversations and high doses of vulnerability to remind you that you aren’t alone.

No topic is off limits, and episodes are designed to leave you smarter, aka more self aware than when you came.

I am so glad you’re here.

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Hello, Hello.

And welcome back to another episode of Make It Mentionable.

I’m your host, Alyssa.

This Week’s Near And Dear Topic: Clarity

And this week, we are talking about something that is near and dear to my heart.

Pretty much everything we talked about is near and dear to my heart.

But this one has been on my mind lately.

And that is clarity, because it’s so much easier to act when we have a sense of clarity.

But sometimes it feels like it is just not there.

How Do We Experience More Clarity In Our Lives?

So how do we experience more clarity in our lives.

But first, if you’re watching the show on YouTube, you can see that I am wearing a Make It Mentionable hoodie.

Geoff worked with one of his sons to put my face on this sweater, cartoon version of it. And I love it. So I thought I would wear it on the show this week. If you haven’t seen it, go check it out.

You can see at AlyssaPatmos.com/Show. This is episode 53.

All right. So clarity.

It’s something that has come up for me numerous times this week, in conversations with friends.

I was out to drinks with a friend of mine, Ashley earlier this week.

And we were talking about manifestation and the things that we like about how manifestation is talked about, and then the things that we absolutely hate.

But what each of us has found over and over again, is that things tend to fall in our lap.

Like when we’re clear.

And it’s those moments where we don’t have clarity that can cause us to feel like we’re snails or like things are just moving super, super slow or cluttered and unfocused.

How Do We Get Back To Our Moments Of Clarity?

And so how do we get back to those moments when we feel super, super clear.

And one of the things that I noticed is one of the things that absolutely completely muddies the water of clarity is chasing certainty.

And we’ve talked about uncertainty on here a lot, like the only thing certain is uncertainty.

But in terms of in terms of clarity, certainty is a clarity, blocker.

Certainty Is A Clarity Blocker (Here’s Why)

Alyssa Patmos 3:00

Because when we go and we want to chase down this, like 100% feeling of certainty, we we’re not accounting for the fact that you know, we’re wired to look for fear, we’re wired to want to figure out how everything’s gonna go down and have this like, perfect answer before we step into something.

And so we can muddy our crystal clear vision with the howl of of how we’re going to do something.

And this happens to me all the time.

When I’m I’m writing, it’ll be like, Okay, I have clarity of vision around something I want to create.

And then when I start to think about the 5 million ways that could go down, it gets muddied and then I want this like certainty of like, okay, what is the right way, what is the perfect way that this is, is going to work, and that’s an illusion, and then it muddies the clarity of the water and it can lead to old patterns coming up of feeling not enough then or, or getting stuck in perfection.

And so sometimes we actually have clarity, but we don’t know how to let ourselves see that we do.

Let’s Talk ‘Doses’ Of Clarity

And this is why I constantly talk about the next dose of clarity because you don’t have to have this certainty to be able to move forward.

You just have to have the next dose of clarity and that forms this comprehensive picture and focuses your actions because there’s nothing more painful than sitting in this like purgatory of of unfocused creativity where you know that you can be doing more you know, you can be using your gifts in a different way.

But you’re not sure how because things have gotten very, very muddied.

That is a very uncomfortable place to be in and when we lack clarity, you know, that’s when we start to see patterns creep in, like going to the fridge instead of sitting down to do the work because it feels easier or staying in a marriage.

But we might not like because it seems easier than like, facing the consequences of saying, Actually, this isn’t what I want anymore.

So do we allow ourselves? Do we even allow ourselves the clarity that we might have?

Allow Yourself to Experience The Clarity You’re Looking For

If we’re scared of the consequences, or if our old patterns come in and kind of trump this sense of clarity because they feel more familiar.

Sometimes we don’t know how to recognize our clarity, because it doesn’t feel familiar, especially if it’s a new territory.

And there are times in my life when I have been super, super clear.

Like when I got my tattoo, I was like, Yes, I want this. And I, I knew what I wanted. I wanted an x ray of a flower. Like I didn’t really, I didn’t really care. Beyond that, though.

That was the beauty.

I was like, Okay, I know, I want an x ray of a flower, I handed it over to the artist, I gave him some creative freedom, I walked in two weeks later saw it for the first time, he stenciled it on my arm.

And two hours later, I walked out with a tattoo, there was no like editing, or revisions or anything.

And I had clarity there.

And it made it easy to just like jump on board the action train and take aligned action and didn’t have to overthink everything.

And it’s those moments where I’m constantly trying to recreate and it doesn’t always work.

And so those moments are beautiful.

If A Decision Was Made Crystal Clear For You Right Now, Would You Be Able To Believe It?

But there are ways to find clarity, without it needing to be that and it starts first with allowing it allowing it in like. If you got crystal clarity right now, would you be willing to allow it?

Would you listen to it?

Because if not, if you’ve got a crystal clear hit from your gut, or from the universe, or just like a sense of knowing, like, and I’m not talking about this mental knowing I’m talking about just like the knowing when you when you really, really know.

And you just know somehow, would you would you act on it?

Alyssa Patmos 7:00

If You Can’t See Your Own Decisions Clearly, Consider Bringing In Another Pair Of Eyes 👀

And if the answer’s no, then it’s likely that you’re muddying the clarity waters, you’re muddying your ability to even see where you truly do know something.

And this has been a struggle for me for years. For years and years and years.

In fact, I have paid so much money for someone else to give me the answers around clarity and to like, invoke that feeling around the tattoo.

And it’s something that I have a gift at doing with other people, like helping them see the patterns and unlock something in themselves that actually allows them to experience clarity.

It’s one of my favorite ways to work with people.

And it’s it is one of my favorite ways because it’s what I wanted for so long.

It’s what I wanted for myself for so long.

And I paid person after person after person looking for this thing.

And it wasn’t something that I was getting.

And so when I looked at how I was blocking it, but to at least I consider it like maybe this is something I’m uniquely good at.

My New Container For Discovering Clarity: A Program Called Prisma

And, and I honed it, and I practiced it more, and I worked with people and I realized like, oh, yeah, this is something I’m uniquely good at.

And because sometimes, you know, like, it takes us a really long time to see what’s in front of our nose, I have finally decided to offer something formally around this and it is called Prisma.

And I would love to invite you into it to see your next decision clearly, because the cost of not making a decision of not having focused action continues to get higher and higher and higher.

The more that you sit in this limbo place in between just knowing that there’s more you could do or more you could have or more, more you could share with the world.

And, and there’s nothing more painful speaking from personal experience, when you look back at your notebooks and you have a note four years ago of something you wanted to do, but you were just too scared to do it or you were uncertain or you didn’t feel like you had enough clarity around it.

And so you didn’t do it.

There’s nothing more painful than being in the same place a year from now than you are that you are right now. There’s nothing more painful than saying you want something right now and being in the exact same place a year from now. I want more for you.

I have done that so many damn times.

And And fortunately, I’ve learned some ways to get out of it.

And so I have created a 45 day accelerator to help you see your next decision clearly.

Join Me Inside Prisma And Make The Change You’ve Been Dreaming Of

And at the end we also design your practical pivots that allow you to actually make the change because sometimes we know what needs to happen but we just don’t know how to get there.

And that’s where the art of the pivot comes in.

So if this is a topic that is calling to you, if you know that there is something deep deep deep down that you need to make a decision on you got to make If you’ve got to make a change and you’re looking for that next dose of clarity Prisma is for you and it will completely shake up how you see the decision that you have in front of you and you will walk away at the end of 45 days with a sense of clarity to move forward.

And I’m so confident in that I completely guarantee the program so head on over to AlyssaPatmos.com/Prisma to check it out.

And I cannot wait to welcome you in if it’s the thing that is calling to you right now.

Thank you so much for tuning in.

I’ll catch you next week.

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