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    Hey there!

    I'm so glad you're here because as you know, building your dream life and business often leaves us running a hamster wheel of thoughts that could power an entire city. I want something else for you... ...conversation.

    Because as the incredibly wise Mr. Rogers said,

    "Anything that is human is mentionable and anything that can be more mentionable can be more manageable."

    Instead of staying stuck in your own head, with the “what ifs” that rival any Final Destination movie, the paralysis from procrastination and perfection, the spiraling from fear…

    I want you to feel unshakeable.

    The deep self-trust that transforms kickass ideas into action. Momentum that makes you excited to leap out of bed each day. Creative fuel that powers you more than caffeine.

    I want you to feel like you are the answer you’ve been looking for.

    Because you are.

    You have all the answers you need…

    …You might just need a few deep conversations to help you realize that.

    Which is exactly why I created Make it Mentionable. For you, for me—for us.


    While making consistent $10k+ months is sexy, dreaming of traveling to Bali is magical, and betting on yourself is immensely freeing… what you soon discover about forging your own path is that it can be lonely, isolating, and downright painful at times.

    Creating your life by design not default is the quickest way to get intimately familiar with all your insecurities, doubts, shadows (aka your shit).

    It holds up a mirror like nothing else I’ve ever encountered.

    But whatever we can mention, we can manage.

    Hence, my dearest go-getter, Make it Mentionable was born.

    And I’d love nothing more than for you to join us.


    It's time to Make it Mentionable.

    Make it Mentionable is an honest conversation extravaganza bringing together 10 of the smartest and savviest writers, artists, strategists, and coaches to talk about the things that often feel unmentionable so we can make them manageable—and all breathe a collective sigh of relief.

    10 experts diving deep over 5 days.

    In this series (did I mention it’s FREE), we’re going deep on things like…
    • decision-fatigue and what to do about it,
    • fueling creative energy even when another area of life is draining it,
    • what vulnerability really means,
    • recognizing that we have the power to write our own stories,
    • what creating an impact really means…and so much more.

    Bringing together the best of the best that I’ve learned from directly, worked with personally, or trained under, along with colleagues that I love and respect to bring you the honest conversations your soul’s been waiting for.

    It’s your giant permission slip to let your voice out, bet on yourself, and become unshakeable as you create the life and business you REALLY want.


    Meet the Experts

    This honest conversation extravaganza brings together 10 of the world's savviest coaches, writers, artists, and strategists...

    …And every conversation is a deep dive into what it takes to fully trust yourself.

    Here are just a few things you'll learn...

    • How to unleash your inner Creatrix (You’ll get back in touch with the life force that is your creativity).
    • How to turn your social presence into something greater. (You’ll feel like you can finally stop strategically denying parts of yourself online).
    • Why decision-fatigue is real and what to do about it. (You’ll walk away with a system for making decision-making a breeze).
    • How to actually get paid to be you (You’ll feel like the goddess you are and know how to get started talking about yourself in a way that ushers in cash).
    • Why sharp viewpoints are life (and business) savers. (And how you can cultivate your opinions).

    You’re going to walk away from each interview with a dose of clarity and confidence that you not only have what it takes, you are what it takes


    Exclusive access to 10 interviews with some of the savviest and smartest business coaches, online strategists, artists, and bestselling authors.

    Private Facebook community to continue the conversation.

    Daily Facebook LIVE Q & A sessions for ALL the things keeping you from letting your voice out.

    The chance to win momentum-boosting and clarity-inducing prizes (Book bundle, Amazon Gift card, and more).


    • How to write your "f*ck it list".
    • How to pop more of your personality into everything you do.
    • How to turn up the volume on your playful side (and what that unlocks).
    • How you can create even more impact with killer writing.
    • How your sharp viewpoints are one of your greatest assets and how you can cultivate your opinions..
    Alyssa sitting on a fence

    That's me, Alyssa Patmos.

    Alyssa Patmos has helped quadruple sales for start-ups with her curated brand & messaging strategies and now helps women bet on themselves by designing businesses they love.

    When she’s not helping women rewrite the stories they tell themselves and the message they share with others, you can find this NLP certified coach pretending she’s on a cooking show in her kitchen with an empty peanut butter cup wrapper sitting on the counter.

    Who says dessert can’t come before dinner?


    We need youーthe fullest, most expressed version of youーto share your gifts with this world.

    And you might as well make bank doing so.

    These conversations highlight the obstacles, illuminate the possibilities, and prove that you’re not the only one who has felt this way.

    There are people waiting to hear what you have to say. We’re here to help.

    What are you waiting for? Join the extravaganza.