Sofa Butt’s Got Me Feeling Aware

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How’s your booty feeling on this Tuesday? Sore? Tight and bootyfull? Sofa butt-ish?

I can’t remember where I heard or read the term “sofa butt,” but I’ve been using it ad naseam since it entered my vocabulary.

Sofa butt occurs when you sit on your a** for so long that it starts to shift around, conform to the couch, and generally look less like a peach 🍑 and more like a pancake. And, it’s scientific. Sitting too much changes the shape of our butts.

According to Dan Giordana of Bespoke Physical Therapy, “An anterior pelvic tilt (tight hip flexors) can make your booty appear flatter.” PT speak aside, a flat booty is not something I wantーespecially if work is the culprit.

Enter “15 Minute Prevent SB Breaks.” These are now legitimate tasks on my to-done list.

What I realized as I stood up to take a recent SB break, is that I’m only having to take them because I’m letting my work prevent me from being active…which is silly because I can work from anywhere, and yet I still stare at my screen from my couch as if my couch was the only thing providing motivation.

It also occurred to me that I could actively think about working out less and generally feel better about myself if I was consciously more active throughout the day. I admit I let how my 🍑 looks on any given day influence my confidence. So, a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to start being more conscious of my activity throughout the day so that I don’t have to feel self-conscious about my body and daily activity level when 6 pm rolls around.

5 Ways I’m Trying to Be More Conscious About The Reality That is Sofa Butt

Daily toning moves

These can be done with or without weights so it can be considered working out or merely moving depending on your mood. I follow the Tone it Up girls because they give me 5 moves and I don’t have to make any decisions. This is great because I’ve been described as indecisive once or twice (read: all my life). Sometimes I do them all at once,; sometimesI do them throughout the day.

Feed and Foam Roll

I started this new thing where if I’m at home and want to look at Instagram, I have to be on my foam roller. It’s a wizard for releasing tension and loosening those muscles. Plus, it means I’m not sitting on my kitchen chair staring at all the workout photos on Insta while getting sofa butt.

Walking/Standing meetings

All the Silicon Valley start-ups do it. Group bike meetings, casual meetings while strolling to the cafeteria, etc. They’re great in theory. The problem is that I’m a company of one and my cafeteria, aka kitchen, is 10 feet away. So, I’m starting to take calls standing up.

Taking the living creature that stares up at me all day begging to go outside, outside.

This is Jake. He’s a master of snuggles, playing catch with himself, and puppy eyes. Especially when he wants some sunshine. In the past, I’ve always looked at his potty breaks as quick jaunts to the grassy area across from our condo. Lately, I’ve been using it as an excuse to take a 15-minute walk. If you don’t have a dog, email me back, and I’ll send you a picture of Jake’s puppy eyes to motivate you to get outside for a few minutes. Trust me; they’re effective.

Dance Breaks

Hillary Rushford of Dean Street Society is known for taking dance breaks on her live trainings. I thought they were cheesy at first, but hitting play on a song you love and dancing it out for ~3:49 is a great way to get the blood flow moving through your legs and booty again.

Here’s the deal, sofa butt is real.

The insecurities that come with how our bootys should look are real, too.

The fact that between work and sleep we’re either sitting or prone for 70% of our days, making us inactive to the point that our ancient ancestors would think we’re the laziest people ever…is also real.

Fortunately, being conscious of sofa butt is not only make my booty look more like a peach, it’s also making me feel better too. Wanna join me? Start adding 15 minute SB breaks to your to-done list.


P.S. Have more ideas? Send them my way! Peachy bootys are something worth talking about.

P.P.S If you work in an office where you may look weird doing some of these things, encourage your co-workers to do the same, then you won’t look weird 😉 Good bootys all around.

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