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Dear Executive,

An organization flourishes when its people flourish.

Creating a culture ripe for flourishing starts with your own ability to flourish.

At the executive level, the support required goes beyond simple strategies and tactics.

To reach your position, you’re inherently a strategic thinker. At your level, the true support required is one of optimization. But not optimization of any one specific skill, rather optimization of your emotional clarity, and cultivating a sense of awareness that allows you to see through and breakthrough blindspots faster than anyone else in the room.

This is the optimization work I do with executives. Many executive coaches provide strategies for optimization. But there comes a point when strategies are just bandaids and the true optimization lies in your behavioral flexibility and emotional clarity.

In a society driven by ego, the most powerful person in the room at any given time is the person who is able to be the most behaviorally flexible. The person who doesn’t need to be right, but is easily able to try on multiple scenarios with a detached far-sightedness that allows for precise clarity.

Simultaneously, true power and influence lies in your ability to navigate conversation—to truly communicate in each moment rather than simply talking. Effective communication is the most efficient business skillset and the most efficient way to become an effective communicator is to be able to show up to a conversation free of emotions that cloud the situation.

You may be thinking you’re great at this, that you’re able to separate each scenario and look at it objectively. But emotional suppression is not the same as emotional clarity.

At the top, it’s not about beating out the competition, it’s about beating yourself and the unconscious obstacles getting in your way.

As a Peak Performance Coach and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, equipped with a master’s degree in communication and years of experience helping people communicate effectively, these are the subtle optimizations that lead to substantial shifts with ripple effects throughout the organization.

It is a deep passion of mine to support executives in becoming models of excellence because an organization flourishes when its people flourish. This is the undercurrent of all that I do.

The unconscious beliefs and programming operating outside of your awareness are an invisible risk to your performance and the performance of the organization. As much as we optimize our performance we can’t avoid the fact that we aren’t robots, we are humans. True optimization at the executive levels is about accepting our humanity while rewiring past programming and cultivating the soft-skills required to conquer the most complex challenges.

If this resonates, I invite you to get in touch.


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