What Makes it Easier to Choose Transformation?

“Where are you?” ⁠

“I’m in the car.”⁠

“Be right there.” ⁠

When I lived near my dear friend Kerason this was a weekly conversation. ⁠

So the thing I miss most about city living isn’t being able to drive myself places (I have amazing friends who are willing to pick me up), it’s the magic that used to happen when I had convos in the car (in-person or on the phone). It was a magical container for vulnerability.⁠

I also can get an inordinate amount of work done sitting in a car in a parking lot. ⁠

Last year, I borrowed a car so I could go buy skis. The pro shop said it would take two hours for them to be ready after I picked them out—not quite long enough to go home. So I got out my computer and whipped out an info page for something I was selling in that time. Forever grateful for my hotspot. ⁠

There’s something about the confined space that is the perfect constraint for me. ⁠

This why my clients know I sometimes show up from my closet. ⁠

I don’t love rules, but I do love constraints. They help contain creativity. ⁠

Our environments play a key role in our ability to thrive. ⁠

So often we go to designing our thoughts, but sometimes the simplest step is to design our environment—even if it’s a small space in the house. ⁠

My office is usually a direct projection of my mind. If my mind is cluttered, my desk looks cluttered. Cleaning it up helps me clear my mind. ⁠

So many people talk about making big changes, but I find the smallest ones matter most. They’re also the most manageable. ⁠

I’m endlessly fascinated by the question, “what makes it easier to choose transformation?”⁠

I’ve learned space is a key part in that. ⁠

Is there a space you can make more intentional for you this week? A few clothes you can pick up? Small shifts make change much easier. ⁠

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P.S. what’s your relationship with cars? Are they portals to deep convos and inner knowing? Just a means to commute? The bane of your existence?

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