Make it Mentionable started as a gathering series around my kitchen table 5 years ago.

I was so bored of surface-level conversations that I decided to gather 5 of my favorite women and bring them together over food for the deeper conversations my soul was craving.

The invite said it all: Make it Mentionable…for women who want to talk about more than just wine.

I cooked and prepared a prompt for the conversational theme of the night, and as the night unfolded, our stories ran wild, waking up our souls. By making things mentionable, our connections deepened.

After hosting a few of these gatherings, I dreamed up taking this phrase that had become my personal rally cry online. 

In 2019, I created the Make it Mentionable Summit. It was an honest conversation extravaganza bringing together ten inspiring creative business leaders to help people bet on themselves, unlock their voice, and self-express. 

800+ people signed up to be a part of the summit. 300+ joined our (now retired) Facebook group, and the Make it Mentionable online world was born.

In 2021, equipped with an insatiable desire for more honest conversations, I decided to transform Make it Mentionable again by launching the Make it Mentionable Show. Instead of locking conversations away after a limited time like the summit, I could air them as a YouTube show and podcast.

The Show ran 55 consecutive episodes between October 2021 and November 2022 and is being reimagined as I write to return soon! Until then, catch the full archive here.

And that brings me to today and how you ended up here at makeitmentionable.com.

Reading has always been my favorite medium. Reading allows us to sit with pieces at our own pace, and seeing words on the page tends to slap us in the face with a breakthrough thought.

So I decided to create an ecosystem of exploration for self-awareness, flourishing, and meaningful relationships that you can consume as you wish.

I’m so glad you’re here. Everything you find on this site is designed to leave you smarter, aka more self-aware than when you came.

Ready to explore what Make it Mentionable has in store for you? Digestible wisdom, nourishing reads, and inspiration to help you pivot so you can get more of what you want and less of what you don’t is right this way.


About Alyssa

Founder, Editor, and Wearer of all the hats for Make it Mentionable
Alyssa Patmos soon-to-be Alyssa Kulesa would rather walk your dog in a snowstorm than endure one more conversation about The Bachelor.
Forever curious about human behavior, consciousness, and how we connect, Alyssa channels her love of communication into writing this site, penning her first perspective-shifting novel, and coaching clients who want more out of life than what the status quo has to offer.
When she’s not in front of her computer or her notebook, you can find her in the kitchen pretending she’s on a cooking show with an empty hazelnut butter cup wrapper close by.
Who says dessert can’t come before dinner?
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