Why I’m Set on Millions (It’s Not What You’d Expect)

I’m sitting on my terrace drinking coffee and having this conversation with myself…

I intend to accumulate serious wealth for one very simple reason…

To increase choice in my life. ✨

Not so I can have a fancy car, or the latest computer, or endless clothes, or even more beach vacations.

I intend to earn and enjoy millions so I can increase choice in life.

It’s about how I feel, not what I own. It’s about the choice to do more of what I consciously want to do.

More choice for me often looks like always being able to:

  • Pay for experiences I would love to experience
  • Surprise loved ones with thoughtful gifts
  • Buy the freshest, organic produce
  • Live downtown
  • Give generously to causes I care about
  • Have one week with no calls every month
  • Being able to embrace spontaneity in whatever way my heart desires.

To be clear, money doesn’t equal choice.

The thing that our shadow sides love us to forget is our choice in every situation.

  • In how we respond
  • In how we think about something
  • In how we conduct ourselves despite what anyone else is doing
  • In how we articulate and ask for what we need
  • In what we prioritize

Money often means more choice though. The distinction is subtle but significant.

Success to me is the freedom to be me in every given moment. Money doesn’t buy me that, but it supports my choices.

Much of this is why I stopped advertising solely business-driven services because when I do that it becomes so easy to feel like the ROI has to be more money.

The ROI in everything I create and sell is more choice, more possibility, more you, more freedom because that is the lens from which we actually multiply our money.

More choice in conversation. More choice in how you see your relationships. More choice in how you serve yourself and others. More choice in how you spend your time.

More choice in every situation because it is always there.

Choice + your creativity + consciously created constraints = freedom and a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Comment below: What does more choice look like to you?

P.S. If this is the type of energy you want to be in, tell me in the comments and we can talk about the best choice for working together. There’s always more than one, so I can meet you where you’re at.

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