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Meet with Alyssa 1:1 to help rewire your subconscious mind, shed the stories no longer serving you, and step into your most authentic self and life.

Your breakthrough awaits.


  • NLP coaching sessions are 55 minutes and held over Zoom.
  • When you click the button below you’ll be taken to a page to schedule your session and pay your invoice.
  • Then head to your inbox and a questionnaire will be waiting for you to fill out before we meet. This will help identify 1-3 burning patterns, predicaments, or obstacles getting in your way to focus on.
  • I’ll meet you on my Zoom link at your scheduled time.
Investment: $500

Alyssa is the most masterful and intuitive coach I’ve ever worked with. 

Working with her my breakthroughs have come as if through the back door, so gentle, so familiar. As a coach myself I often marveled at Alyssa’s ability ask such brilliant questions that lead right to the heart of what’s going on. She is a rare gem in that her business strategy is not an isolated approach, but a fully integrated approach to the whole person. 

She does not rely upon formulas or cookie-cutter answers. She is able to hold the complexities and nuances of a whole person and gently lead her clients back to their own wisdom. 

In this day and age, where business is no longer business as usual, and people are craving a more conscious and integrated experience in their life, love and business, Alyssa has the ability to meet people at the intersections of their life and support their journey to next-level success and thriving. 


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