Geoff Asks Alyssa: Birthday Edition Q and A

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It’s a special birthday edition! I turn 31 this week, and it just so happens this is the 31st episode of the show. Naturally, that requires something fun! Geoff joins me on the couch for a special Ask Me session. 

Geoff compiled a list of questions people might ask kids, tweens, and teens on their birthday and asked me instead. I didn’t get to peek beforehand, so you get my off-the-cuff answers.

You’ll learn…

💋🎙 Whether I’d rather be attacked by a bear or a swarm of bees

💋🎙 What I’m most afraid of (it took me a second to figure out what the answer truly is)

💋🎙 The pet peeve that gets me every time

💋🎙 What I would have named myself if given the choice 

💋🎙 If I’ve ever stolen anything 

…and more. 

We also talk about the importance of growing down while growing up.

How would you answer these questions? Hop on over to the comments and let me know.

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Alyssa Patmos 0:04
This is Make It Mentionable. I’m Alyssa Patmos and this is the show about being human in a world that encourages us to be robots. I invite you to join me as we journey through the mess, the magic and the mania in between. Because what we can talk about, we can manage. This honest conversation extravaganza includes free flowing conversations and high doses of vulnerability to remind you that you aren’t alone. No topic is off limits, and episodes are designed to leave you smarter, aka more self aware than when you came. I am so glad you’re here.

Hello, Hello. And welcome back to another episode of Make It Mentionable. This is a fun special episode because my birthday is tomorrow I turn 31. And this is the 31st episode of makeup mentionable. So I brought Geoff back. He’s on the couch with me this week. And I have no idea exactly what he’s going to ask me. But this episode is around learning more about my first 31 years. And also he sent me a he sent me a poem last week about growing, growing young. Like we’re always talking about growing up and focusing on growing older. And what if actually, kids hold so much wisdom and we should grow? Grow down? Go down. So we pulled some questions. I don’t know exactly what’s in store. I don’t know what you have up your sleeve to ask me. So this is off the cuff and you get my raw reactions to whatever Jeff has decided to pull out of out of thin air.

Geoff 2:02
Yes. And I have my coffee cup because if if I were to ever have a talk show and be the host and ask questions, I would have coffee. Okay. It’s just something I noticed. All the

Alyssa Patmos 2:16
Starbucks advertising. It’s great.

Geoff 2:19
I do love Starbucks.

Alyssa Patmos 2:21
Okay, what do you got? Okay,

Geoff 2:23
so we’re gonna, we’re gonna do a few different sections. And we’re gonna start off with questions that you can ask kids,

Alyssa Patmos 2:30
like on their birthdays. Yeah, yeah. questions

Geoff 2:34
that you might ask a kid on their birthday. Okay. But we’re gonna ask you, okay, okay. So the first question I have is, What name would you have given yourself if you got to choose your name?

Alyssa Patmos 2:50
Ah, this is weird, because I don’t always resonate with my name, which we’ve talked about it, which is strange. I love my name. But I think, I think when I was making up characters as a kid, like when I would video like makeup videos and like home stories, because then my parents got me a video camera. And I would always have the last name Greenfield, which you don’t really get to choose. But my characters always had the last name Greenfield. And I feel like the first name. I mean, the character invented first was Avery and I just love that name. So probably be Avery,

Geoff 3:31
what is that name? Like, who is that alter ego?

Alyssa Patmos 3:35
I don’t She’s evolved over the years. So I don’t know exactly right now. But she like when I when I wanted to go out and just like be a semi different version of myself. She’s the name I would use and I would just tell people my name was Avery.

Geoff 3:50
Okay, Avery. Yes. Great. Moving on. What is your favorite piece of clothing?

Alyssa Patmos 3:57
My favorite piece of clothing? Like most people ask what your favorite piece of jewelry is. So what my favorite piece of clothing? Um Well, I I like long sleeve shirts, but I like long sleeve shirts with shorts. That’s like the pinnacle of where anything whether was that type of clothing? Oh my god. One Piece? Yes. Oh my goodness. I have no idea. What is my favorite piece of clothing? I don’t know. I think I think it’s probably a red sweatshirt that I have right now. That’s like it says wild heart and it’s in there. It’s like a cheetah shaped as a heart. It’s like, you know that picture of like the old woman and the young woman like the the illusion. Does that answer better? I really liked that question. Okay, you

Geoff 4:52
don’t wear that often? I don’t know. What. Okay, what one show or do you not like to do

Alyssa Patmos 5:04
I freaking hate doing laundry. I despise it. I really hate it. I especially hate putting it away. So Jeff does laundry but he doesn’t do the part that I actually hate the most, which is putting it away. Because he hates my hangers. They’re like the velvet kind, which makes a lot of sense because tank tops don’t fall off. But he won’t hang up the clothes because

Geoff 5:29
yes, it makes it makes it four times as hard. If you have wooden hangers, I would hang up your clothes. Okay.

Alyssa Patmos 5:36
I don’t mind cleaning toilets. I don’t mind I love cooking. But I really mean laundry. are not friends.

Geoff 5:44
Okay. All right. That’s it for the kids questions. Now we’re gonna move on to tweens tween. Okay. Okay. What are three things you love about yourself? What a great question to ask a tree. And by the way, that is

Alyssa Patmos 5:59
a great question to ask between, like, as they’re in that kind of uncertain age and comparing themselves and like more aware of how people view them. I think that’s great.

Geoff 6:09
easier for you to answer now than if you were

Alyssa Patmos 6:11
13 or 12. Yeah, um, what do I love about myself? Well, superficial things. I always, I always have loved my eyes. But that relates to something deeper. Like, I have the most expressive face on the planet, except for maybe my mother who has an even more expressive face than I do. So my I love my eyes. I like that they’re green. But I also like they’re such like a portal into my soul. Sometimes I feel like if someone’s staring me in the eyes, and like, you can see everything about me right now. Because they’re just so telling, which I think is a is a strength. So I like that. And I like being an expressive person. What else do I love about myself? I love that. I’m an explorer. They love that I like novelty and we’re unwilling to do new things. Like when I ate a cricket in Mexico and you wouldn’t so I like that I like that I like to explore which really overlaps with curiosity, which I love about my son, what

Geoff 7:23
do you love about those things? What what does it mean if you’re curious or you’re willing to explore and try new things?

Alyssa Patmos 7:31
I just think that curiosity I don’t think like I’ve come to notice the curiosity just leads to connection in a way that judgment never will and so I found it very beneficial over the years for to just be a curious person and and recognize you know, that everyone has their own version of the world going on. And usually conversation gets better if you if you remember that and can get curious about someone else. And likewise, like getting curious about yourself it’s it’s allowed me to reclaim a lot of self agency over the years. So that’s two things my eyes curiosity and exploration. What is it third thing I love about me

I went to a lab I what’s coming to me at the moment I mentioned this is like insanely profound or anything, but I I like my I’ve always loved like my cleverness with words. So like, I I don’t talk during movies as much but if we’re walking, watching a talk show, and the host is engaging in conversation with someone else, like I want to be part of that conversation. And so I narrate and talk to the TV a lot during that I like that about myself. I think it’s I maybe what I actually love about myself is that I’m able to make myself laugh. Like I could entertain myself by making myself laugh which I think is a skill.

Geoff 9:13
Yes, you’re very witty and clever. Okay, what skill would you like to master over the next year?

Alyssa Patmos 9:24
What skill would I like to master Well, I’m learning how to play the piano so I would like to master masters hardware I want to get better at that master Let’s kill the one master I don’t know I have a weird relationship with master you know this because I’m such a generalist. And I find immense value from that. So for me mastery is like it’s needing to know every single thing about it to be considered a master. I don’t generally operate like

Geoff 10:00
If that so none, maybe the answer is no

Alyssa Patmos 10:03
master. There are things I want to do more consistently, which I think leads to mastery. But when what is the stamp of mastery anyway? 10,000 hours? Yeah, I know. That’s the thing. I’m not sure.

Geoff 10:21
Right. And are we ever a master of anything? Or are we constantly

Alyssa Patmos 10:25
I mean, I’m constantly working to evolve my craft, like evolving the craft of writing, evolving the craft of interviewing people evolving the craft of of creating content in a quicker fashion instead of hoarding it. Those things, I’m all looking to evolve and playing piano. Okay, great.

Geoff 10:48
I don’t think your goal is to Masters a skill. It’s to get better and a lot of things.

Alyssa Patmos 10:54
Yeah, I mean, though, there is depth, there’s power and going deep in something like and I and I care deeply about being you know, excellent. at any craft that I take on and just don’t have as much I don’t resonate with the word master as much.

Geoff 11:11
Yeah. Okay. I’m gonna let you fill in a blank here. Okay. What talent do you have in common with blank and blank is someone that you really care about? Problem? Maybe someone in your family, it could be your mom, dad, brother. grandparent, it could be anybody but pick someone very close to you and tell me what talent you have in common with that person?

Alyssa Patmos 11:43
What talent, talent, what kinds do you have

Geoff 11:50
something you’re good at that most people aren’t as good at? Something you’re really good at?

Alyssa Patmos 11:56
what talent do I have in common?

Geoff 12:00
For example, you have singing talent in common with your brother.

Alyssa Patmos 12:04
I was gonna bring that one if

Geoff 12:07
you can use that one a little bit differently.

Alyssa Patmos 12:09
Oh, goodness. When I was kid, I was seeing the car and my brother was being annoying. And he started singing and I did I don’t have many regrets in life. I I generally don’t have regrets. But I do regret saying this to him. He was singing and and I I told them to stop or that he was a bad singer, which is like, seriously the most asshole thing I could have done. And then he stopped seeing as much and I’ve tried to make it up to him ever since then. And he just like still doesn’t see as much, which I’m hoping is his own personal decision at this point. And not because I destroyed his competence when he was eight. Yeah, I still feel bad about that.

Geoff 12:58
Newsflash, it was still his own personal. Yes, he was a huge influence that I feel bad about it. But he made a choice. And he made he makes you Sunday to embrace that against

Alyssa Patmos 13:08
you. And you know, I also told him that he had chicken legs, which he should thank me for it. Because now he doesn’t have chicken legs. And he doesn’t skip leg days. So let’s see talent. Yeah, I like to say I have that in common with both my dad and my brother.

Geoff 13:28
What talent do you have in common with your

Alyssa Patmos 13:29
mother? Talent? Well, my mom and I both love to dance and you’re both really good at it. Yeah. So that’s a talent. Yeah. Okay, okay.

Geoff 13:43
What is your biggest fear?

Alyssa Patmos 13:45
Maybe sphere. I think my biggest fear is mostly like a lot of people talk about, you know, fear of death. I think my biggest fear is not my own death. I’m not really like, that doesn’t bother me as much. It’s, it’s people who are close to me. He’s death, which is pretty morbid, but I think that’s probably my biggest fear. Like most things I can handle or like come up with some perspective where it loosens the fear somewhat, but when I think about like people close to me dying, it’s just

Geoff 14:24
because what does that mean to you? What’s what’s underneath that?

Alyssa Patmos 14:30
What is underneath that? I’m not sure that I’ve quite figured out exactly what’s underneath that. I think I think I’ve experienced people close to me dying. And so like, I know what that feels like to an extent and then when I think of it like I don’t know.

Geoff 14:54
Is it the pain of that that you need to go through or is it were the You

Alyssa Patmos 15:04
know, I’m not I don’t know that I’m entirely sure it’s something that I like am working to explore in different ways because I think that it’s I don’t think it’s stifling. Like, that’s a dramatic word. But I do think it influences things at times. So I don’t know. I’m not entirely sure what is under that in this now turned couch therapy session.

Geoff 15:29
Stay tuned for a future version of this podcast on a future birthday in which we explore that further. And you’ve figured it all out. But

Alyssa Patmos 15:40
yeah, yep.

Geoff 15:42
Okay. Moving on now. All right. That was tweens. Now, we’re graduating to teens. Questions, you can ask your teen where in the world would you like to live once you’re older?

Alyssa Patmos 15:59
I don’t like questions like this, where it’s like, puts all the emphasis like on the future, like I live where I want to live now. And that might change. I don’t have anywhere where I’m like, Oh, I wish I was here instead, like you’re where

Geoff 16:13
you want to be right now. Yeah. Where might you? Like, could where could you see yourself living in the future? If it not in Denver, Colorado,

Alyssa Patmos 16:22
not California, which this follows my process now is I’m now starting to know what you want right away. So you have to start with what you don’t want. So I know for a fact you do not want to live in California. Um, really the only place I could see myself on the East Coast is potentially in New York, but their winters are, are, you know, arguably worse than here? I, you know, I think the actual answer is not about like abandoning Colorado, but I would I could see is having two places so that I can alternate between the seasons, because it is April, and I am still wearing a sweater. And I’m from Arizona. I don’t I don’t understand this. It doesn’t.

Geoff 17:09
She thinks it should be summertime in April. It’s April

Alyssa Patmos 17:15
this summer in Arizona. Yeah. I know. I understand that. So my answer to your question would be having someplace where I can go and be in my own space, not constantly on the move. for an extended period of time, like January like January till apparently, April will be great. So

Geoff 17:37
we’re gonna go stay on a beach. Yes, Mary. Thanks. Yes. Great. And when the scary people take over the world, we’re gonna have to go to the island.

Alyssa Patmos 17:46
Yes, yes. I have more hope than that. So

Geoff 17:51
what excites you about being older?

Alyssa Patmos 17:56
I like getting older. Some people don’t like it, or they freak out. They’re like, what’s the difference between 30 and 31? Like, we had dinner with a friend recently. And they were like, Oh, I turned 31. And then I started started, just like feeling it more feeling old. And there are definitely like trends that I now feel all around, because I’m like, I have no idea what this is about. But in general, I like getting old. It’s because it’s a sign that you’re living. And that’s exciting to me. And I like I think in general, as you get older, you just give less fucks about what other people think. And that’s great. So,

Geoff 18:37
yeah, there are benefits there. But you I call you a curious bird because you You shot me in some ways, or you’re interesting and different than a lot of people. And I think it’s really rare for a female in this society to view ageing and moving into your 30s and getting older as something very positive and not feeling the pressure of society which values youth especially in females. And feeling this like oh my god, I’m getting older, what a bad thing. You You don’t you genuinely you don’t just give lip service to that you. You don’t view it as a bad thing. You’re not trying to hang on to your 20s and you are looking at the future in a positive way. I think it’s amazing. It’s really I look at it and I was like, wow, that’s cool. And how do you avoid the pressures of society which says youth youth youth?

Alyssa Patmos 19:32
I mean, I think that comes down to like knowing your worth and there’s nothing I can do like aside from injecting myself with Botox, or you know, using wrinkle cream every night which there are things I do to take care of my skin not Botox, like I stole your skincare routine, and use excellent Vitamin C Serum. But there’s nothing I can do about it. I I can’t stay young

Geoff 20:00
Right, but that alone does not like everyone knows that right? And the people that are trying to hang on to their use and viewing getting older is this thing to avoid. And they also know like, there’s nothing I can do, but that doesn’t make them embrace it the way you do.

Alyssa Patmos 20:14
Yeah, I think there’s some really beautiful older women that I’ve seen, like and beautiful, not in the way that we traditionally define. You know, like, a young woman, but I think there I’ve seen examples of beautiful older women, I think I always pay attention to that when we’re out. And I see one and I like store it as a catalog. I was like, Oh, I see pictures of myself. And I see, I could see myself looking like that when I’m older. And I’m okay with that picture.

Geoff 20:42
Right. And you’re also doing things to take care of yourself and be healthy. Yeah. And not fall apart. Yeah. In in ways that and the assumptive. Like, oh, we get weaker and older. And that’s all bad, right? What is the one thing you wish you could change about society? Like this one,

Alyssa Patmos 21:12
this is the question that people ask teens. This isn’t like, teenage perspective on this. Yeah.

Geoff 21:22
On that note, by the way, it encourages critical thinking, which don’t typically do for our children, we throw in school that schools that try to beat that atom, but like, Yeah, this is like a critical thinking question.

Alyssa Patmos 21:37
Yeah. What is one thing I would change about society? I think one of the most detrimental things to society is codependency and people giving their power over to authority and not thinking about if it’s, if it’s right for them, or if it fits in there and meeting other people to take on their safety and their happiness, instead of finding that within and so this this tendency in society, or then, even if we look at like the movies we watch, like rom coms are riddled with this. And it’s like the the having an external source of power rather than an internal one. So reclaiming self agency taking codependency out too far systems in a way it largely as at the moment, I think that’s what I would change.

Geoff 22:38
Can you give me a specific example of that that you’ve seen?

Alyssa Patmos 22:42
No, I don’t want to give a specific example. There’s a whole episode of that. But I mean, in general, people in general,

Geoff 22:50
we get that, but like, what does that mean? I think a lot of people like, okay, I get Yeah, but what do you mean? What did we mean by cut? Pendency?

Alyssa Patmos 22:58
What’s an example? I think in a lot of time, a lot of times in relationships, you know, you hear the message, we were just watching some show. We were just watching some show that came out. And it’s like the people asking like, oh, like, where’s your better half? Or where’s your handsome half? Like, even that alone is a hint of like, why do I need someone else to be another half of me, like the way I generally view relationships, and the way that I think it’s healthier to be relationships is both people are whole, but you can overlap and you can come together and both people have needs, versus it being like, Oh, I’m half and you’re a half and together we make a whole like, no, that’s gross.

Geoff 23:37
So romantic. When I say You complete me.

Alyssa Patmos 23:40
No, it’s not. It’s not and it’s like those things where it’s just easy to say and we think it sounds good or we think it’s like cute or cutesy and then it permeates all the shows we watch. And it’s just not it’s just not rooted in something that I think is healthy for maintaining sovereignty, like in who you are as an individual person. So does that give you a concrete example? Sure. Okay.

Geoff 24:11
Okay. So that’s we’re going to shift now that was questions that we ask our kids can tweens and teens now we’re just going to go to some general questions to get to know you a little bit better again. First birthday Do you sleep with your closet doors open or closed? And why?

Alyssa Patmos 24:31
Oh closet doors are closed like hard to

Geoff 24:37
accept like I know no mind open like why not like but you slayed such as I

Alyssa Patmos 24:43
know it’s definitive. Our door our door and our bedroom also leads to bathroom and you can up way more than me in the middle of night and so we had to have a discussion around if it’s time

Geoff 24:55
to adjust my what happened what what the room looks like. Yeah, we sleep.

Alyssa Patmos 25:02
Yeah, I like to sleep at that close. I don’t know why exactly. I just, sometimes I think like spaces are so big and I like small spaces at times like, I’m claustrophobic so not taking spaces, but I’ve like smaller bedroom to be enclosed. Yeah.

Geoff 25:22
worth exploring. I wonder. I don’t know the answer. I’m not leading. Okay, so closed closed. Yes. All right. Have you stolen the street sign before?

Alyssa Patmos 25:32
I have not stolen the street sign. Have you stolen this? Yes, I

Geoff 25:35
have. I used to, I used to Well, first in high school, I used to go. We would shoot street signs with BB guns and holes in them. But then I also Yeah, in my last house. I had a street

Alyssa Patmos 25:50
sign that you personally stole Well,

Geoff 25:53
it was on the ground. I didn’t like take it off. So I didn’t like take it off the post. Okay, it was but it was a government official.

Alyssa Patmos 26:03
Stolen two things in my life. And I’m not sure one of them it wasn’t even me. So the first one is in college, in colleges with a group of people and they were obsessed with Panda Express. And they still wanted the Panda Express decals off the door for like a certain type of chicken and the Panda was was like dressed up like a king or something. Okay. And then they put it in their in their college dorm room on the mirror. Okay, and you ate it?

Geoff 26:38
Well, well, you distracting

Alyssa Patmos 26:39
I had nails and the other guy pulled it off you insulated it pulled. I had to save went out. And I was scared in the car. And then they were trying to do it and they couldn’t do it. And I was like the longer we’re here this is not good. So then I started it and and then they pulled it off. Okay. And then the other thing is in Europe, the for the first time I went to Europe, I was under 21. So it couldn’t drink here or I didn’t drink very often here. And I learned that I really liked Strongbow which is a cider which now It disgusts me the it tastes like Jolly Rancher. But before I like really knew anything about drinking, I really like strong bow there and there was like perfect, strong bow glass that I loved. And I took it

Geoff 27:30
you took it? Did you feel guilty?

Alyssa Patmos 27:34
No, I mean, I pay the establishment. How

Geoff 27:36
did you Yes, I was gonna ask justify this in your mind to allow the guilt to go and say like, I paid them I bought it. I bought.

Alyssa Patmos 27:46
I mean probably the fact that I’ve never done it before. They were just the unlucky people where it was where it was something I felt like I wanted and I feel like I left a really good

Geoff 27:58
tip. Okay, a bigger tip.

Alyssa Patmos 28:02
Because I don’t I don’t know. I don’t know for sure. But it would seem like something I would do. So I can’t remember for sure. I don’t know. Alright,

Geoff 28:12
impromptu follow on question from this. Yeah. Were you a good girl?

Alyssa Patmos 28:18
Yes, I was a total rule follower. Like I had to break I had to break.

Geoff 28:21
Things is a big deal.

Alyssa Patmos 28:23
Oh, it’s a big deal. Yeah, I’m still a good girl. Yes, in a lot of ways, but I have dismantled a lot of the stifling tendencies that come with that. Like now I am not like as a kid. Like if there was a sign that said Do not walk on the grass. My mom makes fun of me. Like she and my brother would take the shortcut and walk on the freakin grass. There is no way in hell, I was walking on the grass. So my stubborn self and all three of us are stubborn. So they would cut corners and they would walk the straight path but they’d still be waiting for me because I wasn’t going to do that. So I walked around

Geoff 28:59
kind of like when I want to jaywalk, and you don’t want to and we have a little battle

Alyssa Patmos 29:03
Yes, but there are very specific there are only specific instances when I will not do it. But there are certain quite production instances it is. It is if you have an arrow if an arrow is going to come across, it is efficient for both cars and pedestrians. And so screwing up the flow of traffic to jaywalk when there is a specific arrow for Turner’s feels massively inconsiderate, and I don’t like it. So I still follow that rule but it’s like my ad adapted version of the rule. So I definitely don’t identify with being a rule follower in the same way that I did as a kid. Other than jaywalking.

Geoff 29:45
What’s the last law you broke?

Alyssa Patmos 29:52
I have no idea. Do you hear no. With the last little I’ve broken? Well,

Geoff 29:57
maybe you’ve sped in the Oh, yeah, definitely. Which again, people would probably put that in the category of jaywalking like,

Alyssa Patmos 30:04
yeah, no, I don’t think but like, yeah, no jail, jail, like actual fields, beers outside of outside of someone else dying from going to jail like the concept of jail. You will Oh boy, I can’t I just it. I value freedom so much that I just can’t even I can’t

Geoff 30:32
know. Yeah, so loss of freedom.

Alyssa Patmos 30:35
Yes, loss of your freedom is probably the most like, non existential,

Geoff 30:41
is that a bigger fear than someone you know, dying?

Alyssa Patmos 30:44

Geoff 30:45
Probably might be your biggest

Alyssa Patmos 30:46
Yeah. Okay. See, we got to answer.

Geoff 30:50
We didn’t have to wait to a future. Yes. Okay. Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or swarm of bees? Well,

Alyssa Patmos 30:59
I have stood in the middle of a swarm of bees before on accident. I was hiking Camelback Mountain and there’s a swarm of bees that lives up there. And the whole hive decided to migrate down as I was hiking, and all of a sudden I’m walking and the guy I’m hiking with shouts he’s like, don’t move, or move slowly. I can’t remember exactly what he said. And all of a sudden, I hear this buzzing and there’s just an entire hive of bees around me. And I just sort of like, I think I just slowly crouched down, and then waited for them to pass, but I’m attacked, but I’m not sure I want to be stung 100 times, but I also don’t want to be mauled by a bear. Um,

Geoff 31:41
what’s the worst way of dying?

Alyssa Patmos 31:44
I don’t know. I don’t think about these things. I don’t like this question. I don’t want to talk about that. Okay. But I think I would vote swarm of bees. If I had to choose in this. Would you

Geoff 31:55
choose? Those two? Yeah. swarm of I don’t know. Which one do I think like if I thought if I’m gonna die with the BS, but if I knew I’d die in one and not the other. I’d pick the one where I didn’t die. Yeah, and go through the pain of it. I have a weird irrationality around a lack of fear of big beasts like,

Alyssa Patmos 32:25
yes, y’all. Geoff would kill me.

Geoff 32:28
I find myself and poke him in the eye and like get away.

Alyssa Patmos 32:33
Yeah, would kill me if I had to be dependent on him.

Geoff 32:38
No, I’m made for the concrete jungle.

Alyssa Patmos 32:41
Like we were on a tour like in Costa Rica. And the tour guide specifically was talking about these boys and berries and not to touch them. And then Jeff, like goes to pick them up? No,

Geoff 32:53
he didn’t say Don’t touch him. He said, If you eat these, you’re gonna die.

Alyssa Patmos 32:58
I think it was a curious about

Geoff 33:00
elaboration. There’s a logical conclusion of like, then don’t touch them. I get it. But like,

Alyssa Patmos 33:04
you can’t even breathe these berries. In your paranoia.

Geoff 33:08
He did not say Don’t touch them. And so I wanted to touch

Alyssa Patmos 33:13
he had said though, you can’t be in that era. I’m gonna

Geoff 33:16
die in the world. Yes, yes. Yes. Okay, but I still think I could take a mountain lion. I’ll take them.

Alyssa Patmos 33:23
It doesn’t scare me. Okay, okay.

Geoff 33:26
And I don’t want to die by drowning. That’s the worst. Oh, okay. Yeah. Okay. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Alyssa Patmos 33:36
Do people like Do people just have this on their tongue like knowing what their biggest pet peeve is? I don’t know.

Geoff 33:43
I used to be able to answer this question. I used to have an answer for this and now I’m struggling to recall it. Oh,

Alyssa Patmos 33:49
I do have one pet peeve it’s slow walkers. I cannot stand slow walkers. I’m a fast walker. So drivers know well slow Turner’s if you want to drive in the right lane, and there are more lanes available. Great you do you that’s why there are three different ways

Geoff 34:05
you get the two slow drivers taking both lanes. Well, yeah,

Alyssa Patmos 34:09
that’s a nuanced situation. But my pet peeves specifically is slow walkers. And slow Turner’s because I’m at your mercy. And you

Geoff 34:18
do get fired up it’s kind of hilarious. You’ll yell at people like you become not you like you’re a nice kind.

Alyssa Patmos 34:26
It’s hard not in on the street. That is

Geoff 34:31
go random was such a like I would go really fast you leave me in the dust and you’re just like, well, because

Alyssa Patmos 34:37
I’m not gonna do there is a thing around if you can send someone like I am never the person who stays behind you like riding your ass. Like the people in cars who just want to try to assert themselves and so they get right up on you. That is rude. I don’t like it. I don’t even use the word rude very often, but that I don’t like I’m never that person like I want ever drive up behind someone to try and get them to move over? Like if they’re gonna go slow and there’s only one lane like I chill. So there is something about show you’re yelling. No, that’s, we don’t even drive that much. So this is it regardless. Okay, I’m trying to finish the story here. Are you going to let me? Okay? So in walking though there is something like I don’t like feeling like someone is right behind me who is needing something different than I am. And I can tell that like, like the energies, you can just tell if there’s someone behind you who wants to get around, but you’re not moving. And so if someone’s doing that to me, like I genuinely tried to like, move aside, but if someone isn’t paying attention that I don’t want them to feel like someone who’s like harboring right behind them. So yeah, I do speed up and go around them. Yeah, depending on my mood, I might be frustrated.

Geoff 35:52
And there’s something like when we were at Coachella, we were in that walking structure. And yeah, and there’s tons of people moving both directions, and there’s barely enough room for that. And then there was those three people that just decided to stop in the middle and talk and block all the traffic and we’re just clueless about it. Yes, something like, like Hello, like it’s all like a clue. cluelessness about people around you. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Do you ever dance even if there’s no music playing?

Alyssa Patmos 36:24
Oh, yeah, definitely.

Geoff 36:27
What do you dance to music in your head?

Alyssa Patmos 36:29
Yeah. music in my head. Yeah. Do you

Geoff 36:36
know? I think like,

Alyssa Patmos 36:39
do you want to dance right now? Sure.

Geoff 36:44
We’ve talked about dancing more. Yeah. Yeah. You talked about dancing and singing why? This is

Alyssa Patmos 36:50
why would you karaoke in our house.

Geoff 36:55
It’s glorious. She is amazing. She has a professional level voice and I am awful. And she puts up with me and lets me do it and doesn’t make me feel bad.

Alyssa Patmos 37:04
And we always and we always end with great songs. Yeah, like basically do those pretty good. Basically the entire Greece soundtrack, which is the best karaoke. So if you’ve heard me telling stories on the Internet for more than six months, you probably heard that Greece was the first CD that I was ever allowed to own, which has insanely dirty lyrics. And I was only allowed to listen to Christian music, but for some reason, my dad we were in Barnes and Noble. I wanted the Hanson CD, the lyrics certain but he wouldn’t let me have that. But he let me buy the grease soundtrack. And now as an adult, when I listened to the lyrics, he clearly lost his mind in that moment. But whatever

Geoff 37:45
Google Greased Lightning lyrics and take a look at yourself. And then imagine the very restricted religious little girl that couldn’t hear mop. Well listen to those. Whoa, pause while you go do that now. Okay. All right. Time. What’s your least favorite movie? This is a soft, didn’t

Alyssa Patmos 38:09
Lee’s favorite movie. Oh my god, a few weeks ago. Okay, so Japanese birthday are a month apart. And Jeff decided he was going to exercise birthday privilege. And for us, his oldest son and I to watch the room,

Geoff 38:25
which is world renowned and known as the worst movie of all time.

Alyssa Patmos 38:32
And a complete waste of time.

Geoff 38:34
I disagree. I think they should be thanking me for called. It is so bad that it’s good.

Alyssa Patmos 38:43
No, you’re not going to get as many pictures. I have pictures of

Geoff 38:47
both of them. Like they didn’t even know I was taking these pictures. And it was at the same time. They both had hoodies on for whatever reason. And they’re sitting there and they literally are like, they have their hoodies over their head and they just down and they’re just like, they couldn’t like they just were like, it was so awesome. Like,

Alyssa Patmos 39:04
even if something’s happening in a show and someone’s just going so awkward and cringe worthy. You know, I use my hair’s a veil. Like I experiencing other people’s pain like that. I cover my face routinely

Geoff 39:16
if you haven’t seen the room.

Alyssa Patmos 39:18
Don’t watch it. Don’t watch it. It’s terrible. It’s great.

Geoff 39:23
Okay, What movies could you watch over and over again? In contrast, and still love? Movie or movies?

Alyssa Patmos 39:35
I mean, I still watch Disney movies. I feel like those I watch movies we watched

Geoff 39:40
the most the most times.

Alyssa Patmos 39:45
I don’t know growing up like we didn’t always have cable and then we did like I feel like my brother always had stars on because the movie was always playing but I feel like they played the same five movies over and over but I can’t

Geoff 39:55
wait to be chosen to watch

Alyssa Patmos 40:00
It’s probably around that like I love I love Crazy Stupid Love. I’ve watched that a bunch of times. Oh, the greatest showmen. I’ve watched so many times. I love the greatest showmen. That’s probably I’ve probably watched that the most not more than Bryce though. Like

Geoff 40:17
20 times in a day or something.

Alyssa Patmos 40:18
Not in a day, I think like, but it was not enough hours. I think like in the first week it came out, which wasn’t an exaggeration money. Yes. Yeah. Yeah.

Geoff 40:27
Okay. We’re getting towards the end a few more questions. Okay. Would you ever strip or post nude in a magazine? Yes. That was no hesitation.

Alyssa Patmos 40:41
I would I’ve thought about this before. If

Geoff 40:44
Playboy was had nude pictures anymore, like, and they came calling, you’d be like, yeah,

Alyssa Patmos 40:50
it there are different generations of Playboy. So I think it would depend, you know, no, I mean, Playboy specifically, there are different, like generations and evolutions of it. And I will like their HBO did a documentary on like Hugh Hefner in play. And Playboy, it was like a documentary. So I don’t know what they call it when it’s like half dramatized where it’s not like real people drama. Yeah, like that sort of thing. And it’s really, really good. And I liked it. And a sparked a lot of thought for me at the time. So I’ve thought about this before. And yes, it would. And I think I think it’s something I just want to put a burlesque number together and do it for fun.

Geoff 41:36
So what are the chances that in your next 31 years, you’re going to do a burlesque or nude photo shoot, or a striptease?

Alyssa Patmos 41:44
Like in public or in print?

Geoff 41:46
In print or public? If it’s a burlesque or striptease? Like it would be in public?

Alyssa Patmos 41:51
I mean, I would probably do, it’s more likely that I would do like a burlesque show. It’s an experience like it’s not in print forever. It’s more likely that I would do that than print. But I’m not I wouldn’t be opposed. But again, it’s not the context around it would matter deeply. To me. It’s not just like newness for the sake of it. Like, yeah, the context matters.

Geoff 42:16
Okay? What is your usual bedtime?

Alyssa Patmos 42:22
1030 temporary five. Because I love sleep. Like in grad school, I got no sleep. And I recognized how stress spoil that was. And then I started getting sleep. And it was like life changing. So much better.

Geoff 42:40
I love this. I had this conversation with Aaron yesterday, who is our friend that is also turning 31. And I was communicating him my appreciation for the fact that I’m the person that is multiple decades younger than me that I’m dating. Value sleep, because there’s a world where like, I’m older, I need more sleep i i value two. And if we were just connected on that, if you were like one of these people that wanted to go clubbing and stay up till three every morning, like we’d have some disconnect, serious disconnect, and we don’t we both value it at an equal level.

Alyssa Patmos 43:18
Yeah. Yeah, for sure. Sleep is great.

Geoff 43:21
Okay, and the last question, this is the 31st question. Actually, it’s not but that would have been kind of neat. If if we had 31 questions. Well, we’ll Okay. When you were a kid, what did you dress up for as Halloween? Dress up. As for Halloween?

Alyssa Patmos 43:38
I wasn’t allowed to celebrate Halloween. Would you already knew this? I feel like this is a trick question. But no, I wasn’t allowed to celebrate Halloween. Now it wasn’t all bad. My mom would get like she’d asked what our favorite candy was that year and she would get us some of that. So we got some of the perks but no, I think I only dressed up as one thing for one Halloween and I think I was like, I don’t know if I was a butterfly or and it was like we went and we handed out candy to senior citizens are like a senior citizen. So it wasn’t even dressing up for us to go around.

Geoff 44:16
You see never triggered you know, when even later as a teen or young adult like did you ever you never experienced that? Yeah. When did you first dress up for Halloween?

Alyssa Patmos 44:31
I mean, I think there was like one thing. I think well when you i mean when i i don’t know i don’t think it was till my mid 20s that I actually went to a Halloween party and like put effort into dressing up there was this really fun place in Austin called blue seas in disguise, which you could is a costume shop and you can go and you can rent costumes, but they have very elaborate ones. And so guy was dating at the time had a pennyfarthing which is a bike with a huge wheel on the front and then and saw me on the back. Yeah, that’s how it goes. And so he went as a mine and like, rode his painting for our thing to the party. And I went as like a circus ringleader and had this like, awesome core set and did my hair kinda looks like a top hat. And then one of our friends went and was a clown are mine as well. That was fine.

Geoff 45:26
Okay, if you were to have a kid, would you have your kid just fine.

Alyssa Patmos 45:33
I don’t, I still have mixed feelings on Halloween. I like dressing up. And I like encouraging that my mom didn’t like it because of like, religious things and whatnot. I don’t like the holiday in terms of what it promotes around candy. And I also don’t want to, like there’s not. It’s also not great to like handout apples or something of this or either, so it’s not my favorite holiday in terms of how kids experience it. Is there as a Halloween dress up party where it’s like outside of the trick or treating? I like I like that. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I have. I haven’t mixed thoughts still. Yeah, on trigger treaty.

Geoff 46:14
Yeah. Okay, bonus question last last. What did I not ask you that you want us to know about you?

Alyssa Patmos 46:24
Oh, my goodness. For me doing so many of these episodes on the spot, sometimes these questions are so hard for me on the spot. Um, I love learning one thing that’s injured. I’m like staring off at our art. So the thing that’s coming to mind is like we we have come to agree on what type of art is in our house. But in general, like I love color, like I love. I love color across the board. I don’t always love color and design. So like I use a lot of black and white like when I’m designing stuff. But I love like abstract just pops of color everywhere. And I would love to paint like that more than I do. I could just I don’t put a lot of effort into it. So we have agreed on a very specific artists that we have who has a lot of color. But the painting that’s normally behind me for these episodes. Like I just love because I love color. And I love having reminders of color. And I think it’s a fun way to put your soul on canvas.

Geoff 47:35
As we wear black and gray and

Alyssa Patmos 47:37
yeah, I mean, I love these colors. These are colors too. And I like I like the use of neutrals in a lot of ways. But I also just love like, what color can do? Yeah.

Geoff 47:52
Okay, that’s it. Back to you.

Alyssa Patmos 47:58
Okay, well, like I said at the beginning, this is the 31st episode. And so I wanted to do something fun and different ahead of my 31st birthday. I like the question about aging a lot. And yeah, I think we take ourselves too seriously at times. And I think it’s fun to sit down and explore conversation in different ways, which is how this show began in the first place. So if you have been following a route, if you have been following along, that is the word I was looking for, for one episode or all 31 Thank you so much for being here and being part of this project with me. If you want more insights, sign up for the peel. It’s my weekly newsletter with perspective so fresh, you might just change your life. And you can sign up at Thank you so much for tuning in, and I’ll see you next time. Thank you. Thank you and I will catch you next week.

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